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Belt Replacement
Belt Replacement

Belts and Hoses

Maintaining the belts and hoses for your vehicle’s engine can prevent many common break downs and failures on the road. It can also save you thousands of dollars in costly repairs. At Auto Pro, we recommend checking your belts and hoses with every oil change for cracks, separations or stretch marks. At Auto Pro we have the equipment required to ensure that each belt has the proper tension required to continue running major systems such as air conditioning, alternator, power steering and water pumps. Auto Pro specializes in the inspection and repair of all kinds of belts including V-belts, serpentine, double-sided, multi-ribbed, stretch-fit belts and cog belts (timing belt). If you hear unusual squealing or squeaking or if you smell burning, these are all good indications that you may have a belt or hose that needs to be replaced or tightened. Your ASE certified Master Technicians at Auto Pro are trained to identify any worn, cracked hoses or loose belts quickly and provide the auto repair needed to get you back on the road and avoid further damage.

At Auto Pro, we keep our customers' and their cars safely on the go providing premier auto repair and service in Tampa.